Der fliegende Mönch

Short Film

Director: Batmunh Suhbaatar
Screenplay:  Batmunh Suhbaatar & Tobias Walker
Co-produced by: BR, University of Film and Television Munich

11-year-old Buma lives with his grandparents in the wide plains of Mongolia. He has inherited a home-made hang-glider from his father, a well respected pilot. Buma desperately wants to fly with it in order to make the dream he shared with his father come true. Again and again, he develops new ideas to take off, but has to face failure time and again. 

The grandparents don't want to see their son's fate repeated in Buma and send him to a small Buddhist monastery in the South of Mongolia. Buma becomes a monk. At the monastery, he keeps following his dream until his master and a young girl from the neighbouring village encourage him to let go of his rigid plans. With their help, Buma learns to let go of his wings.