Summer Frost

Documentary Film

Awards: City of Munich (Starter Film Prize 2008), Trento Film Festival - Silver Gentian 2008

Writer/Director: August Pflugfelder
Co-produced by: University of Telvision and Film Munich

"Summer Frost" tells the story of three siblings from a small mountain farm. Ferdinand (23) runs the farm with great dedication and passion, together with his sister Renate (30) and their parents. They both work part-time to make a living - Ferdinand is a mechanic for agricultural engines. Renate works as a maid at a nearby hotel. Although both still haven't been able to find someone to share their harsh lives with, giving up the farm is out of the question. Their relationship with their home is too strong, too great the love for their animals, for the ample pastures, and the majestic mountains. Peter (24) moved away from the farm a year ago - he now lives in the nearby valley. He would have been the rightful heir of the farm. He's the only one out of the three siblings who has already found a partner. He works as a crane operator on construction sites and his souped-up Gold VR6 is his pride and joy. Even though he jokingly calls himself a "prodigal farmer's son", the hard life on the farm is not what he wants for himself.

"Summer Frost" is a personal film about three young adults who won't be able to live their lives the way their parents have lived theirs.