Polska Roadmovie

Short film

Awards: NexT Bucharest 2008 - Christian Nemescu Best Director Award, 5th Amsterdam Shorts! IFF - Best student film, Festival International des Ecoles de Cinéma - special mentio

Nominations: Europeam OFF FIlm Awards 2008 Warsaw - best actress nomination

Festivals: 37th Kyiv IFF Molodist, 37th IFF Rotterdam, 22nd Washington DC International Film Festival, 14th Bradford International Film Festival, NexT Bucharest 2008, Festival International Des Ecoles de Cinéma, 28th VGIK Moscow, 5th Amsterdam Shorts! IFF, European OFF Film Awards Warsaw 2008, Munich International Festival of Film Schools 2007, Signes de Nuit Paris 208, Florence Sonar IFF 2008, 15th Mediaschool Lódz, 9. Landshuter Kurzfilmfestival

Writer/Director: Bartosz Grudziecki
Co-produced by: BR, University of Television and Film Munich

With: Geno Lechner, Uwe Press, Anna Ilczuk, etc.

Maria is looking for her old pen pal in Poland. 20 years ago she promised Janek to bring him chocolates from Germany. Her husband Christoph joins her reluctantly on the trip. While trying to find Janek’s city they meet young Agnieszka, who is supposed to show them the way to the village. First the couple exploits the young Pole to carry on their conflicts within their marriage. But soon it turns out that each of the three is playing their own game. Nostalgia for old dreams is Maria’s motive. She wants to confront herself with her youth to find out who she is today. But it won’t be Janek who shows Maria her current life.

Polska Roadmovie tells the story of how much people are willing to sacrifice for a confrontation with their unfulfilled dreams. On their way through Poland Maria first looses all her possessions and then even risks the stability of her marriage, just to face up to her dreams of the past. At first sight, Polska Roadmovie is simply a portrait of a triangular relationship. But similar to Maria, who, step by step, finds out about the meaning of her dreams, the film slowly reveals, layer by layer, the depth of its story.